Psycho Baby Doll


A favourite T-Shirt for giveaway :'(

I’m giving this t-shirt away. It has an awesome slogan. It’s one of my favourite piece of clothing 🙁 but my mom takes offense with the logo at the back. Let’s leave it at that.

I’m looking for someone living in my area to give this to to love and wear and treasure and hopefully pwn more asses while wearing this t-shirt than I have ever pwned in my life. If you don’t already know where I live (it’s not like I keep it a secret, actually), please don’t find out.

Delivery will be a meet-up.

Measurements are below. Email me: or iMessage me: or tweet me: @Secretss_.


Front display.


Back logo.


Length = 65cm

Shoulder: Seam to seam = 37cm

Arm: Pit to pit = 45cm



Now you see it, now you don’t


Warning: Emo song lyrics.

听见 (演唱:方雅贤)



Heard (Performed by: Fang Ya Xian)

Your cold eyes, capable of sending me to the edge of a cliff
Even as our distance closes, we still don’t share a destination
A world without you is like winter without spring for comfort
Without you, my four seasons are reduced to winter all year
Sorrow and joy, the memories of our past replay persistently
When the world quietens, what’s left?
My longing and your emptiness, boundless

Have you heard, the sound of loneliness as it creeps along
Sneaking in between us, extinguishing our future together
Have you heard, the call of my yearning spreading to every street
No matter how far you go, turn around, I’ll still be by your side

Repeat Chorus

This song is from a Taiwanese idol drama that aired from Sep 2005 to Feb 2006, called “恶作剧之吻 It Started With A Kiss”. A translation of the chinese title is “prank (恶作剧) in a kiss (吻)”. The series is based on the manga “Itazura na Kiss” by Tada Kaoru, who passed away before she could complete the manga.

It’s a heartbreaking romance story. Goodness knows how many times I’ve cried watching and rewatching it. This is the only show for which I’ve bought and read the manga it was based on.


Ramblings of the day

I visited Phyto Hair Spa today at Wheelock Place, #05-08. The place is incredibly high end, or perhaps that’s due to my limited exposure to such places. The last time I went to Wheelock Place, I barely made it past the Apple Epicentre on the second floor. This time I went up to the third, fourth, and fifth floor (using the escalator, not lift) and suddenly the stores disappeared, replaced by just one or two outlets per floor from where I could see from the escalators. There was a little pathway between the outlets, and it turns out that led to more outlets, but again, very sparsely littered throughout the floors. There were an eye clinic, a LASIK centre, a manicure saloon, some health or beauty clinics, and others that I didn’t notice.

According to the awards on the wall of Phyto, they’re quite the wizards at hair treatment and care. They also use plant based products for “wholesome formulas to restore scalp and hair back to its most beautiful and healthiest condition”. The membership fee (one-time only) is $700! But when you consider the prices of their therapies and treatments and other services, the location and overall feel of the place, $700 is not too far off the mark.

After a scalp scan, they put me in a room with about 4 other people, comfortably spaced out on puffy armchairs, facing away from one another. Each of us had a TV connected to a DVD player. There was also a complimentary drink. Someone started rubbing some healing ointment onto my scalp. Then my hair was wrapped up and put in a bag that was connected to a tube and a machine, which blew smoky, scented, cold air into the bag. After about 30 minutes, I was given a thorough massage of the head, neck, shoulder, and back. I was then led outside for a hair wash and finally a haircut.

The hair treatment was a “Detoxifying Hair Therapy with Wash and Blow and Styling” package worth $128, and the haircut was $55. I bought the therapy package via Groupon though, so I only paid $38 for that. I also got suckered into buying one of their shampoos at $28, and the parking fee was $8.57 for 2 and a half hours, so for a day of supposed money saving (I saved $90 from the Groupon deal), I ended up paying more than I saved.

Unfortunately, I was late for class at school, and in the end due to lack of seats, I skipped the lecture. Thank goodness today’s class isn’t the tough one I have on Mondays and Thursdays. I also received a piece of good news when I woke up this morning. All in all, I think this day has been great :D.


My Google Music experience

Right now all my music are up on Google Music, properly tagged and in their proper albums. Song count, album count, artist count and genre count all tally with my local library. And I found out some three days ago that the web app works on iPad Safari! Sweet! 😀

Being beta, the process of getting to this point wasn’t all that smooth. It took me almost two weeks to get all 4327 songs up. First, the Music Manager wouldn’t detect all the songs: I have 4327 .mp3 files in my folders, but the manager detected 4324 files (including those that failed to upload). After it got done adding these 4324 files to Google Music, I checked the web app and at the right corner where it states the number of songs uploaded, it read 4309 songs. 18 files failed to upload and I didn’t know which ones they were nor why.

I removed a couple of folders from the manager, clicked Apply, added them back, and tried again. This time, 4237 files were detected. However, after a whole night the number of files added still remained at 4324 and the number on the web app was still stuck at 4309.

I went on the web app and scrolled through every album to find the missing tracks (by comparing number of tracks in album with the respective value on iTunes). I found out that some songs were mistakenly placed on their own as separate albums. I deleted these erroneous files and noted them down with the rest of the missing files. As I went through the cloud library, I copied the corresponding files from my local library into a New Folder. I eventually had 42 files in this New Folder.

I converted these files again to .mp3 with a bitrate of 192kbps just in case, and verified their tags with Mp3tag. Then I removed all folders from the Music Manager and added just New Folder (with the newly converted files) to scan. 42 files were detected and added. I then pasted the newly converted files back in my actual folders where they belonged, replacing the old copies. Finally, I removed New Folder from the Music Manager, added all my original folders, and clicked Apply. This time, 4327 files were detected, 4327 files were added, and when I checked the web app, 4327 songs were uploaded.

I still have 4 2 Google Music invitations. Let me know if I should send one your way :). It’s thanks to @undeadrevo that I got mine!


Missing icons in Installous Downloads?


You will need unzip installed from Cydia. The script grabs icon artwork from all ipa files in your Installous Downloads folder. Put the file in /usr/bin and set access permissions to:

Run in Terminal as iconulous:

Thanks to hack2learn, Esamu, and Hexane for telling me unzip exists :P.

v1.0 – Initial release.
v1.0.1 – I don’t remember. Added unzip installation.
v1.0.2 – Only extracts icon for those ipa files without them to save time.




Google+ invites: leave a comment and I’ll invite the email you leave behind

Obviously, don’t put the email address in the comment text; just leave it in the email field that’s required for comments to work. Only I will see that on my WordPress dashboard. Comments are moderated. When they appear on the blog, that means I’ve invited your email address on Google+. I just hope they work.

Once you’re in, check out to get a nice short url for your Google+ profile (the default url is a long string of numbers).

Some formatting tips for when you post on Google+: *word* for bold, -word- for strikethrough, and _word_ for italics. Don’t get me started on how incongruent it is for italics to be represented by the underscore and not the forward slash.


Big Google+ kink to iron out…

Our information is scattered all over the Google ecosystem.

1. Multiple profiles

Subsection A: Avatars
Before I did something about it, I had three different profile avatars on Google: one on the mobile Buzz profile page, one on the mobile Google+ profile page, and one on the old Google Accounts page.

Subsection B: Mobile profile pages
I found two ways to get to my mobile profile, and then it turns out they were /two/ different profiles because they carried different information and tapped from different information sources.

I get to mobile Google+ profile by going to on my device and then going to Profile -> About. I get to the mobile Buzz profile by going to (or by using the shorturl) on my device.

2. Getting information down from the profiles

The big problem is that somehow there is information on the mobile Google+ profile page that I never put up. My phone number and address are up there and there is no way to get it down. All “edit profile” links are now directed to Google+ and Google+’s profile editing page does not have these information.

3. Information source for mobile Google+ profile

I don’t remember providing my address. At first I thought it was my gmail contact (I had myself as a contact) but I’ve deleted the contact and the sensitive info is still there. I’ve added pseudo information to my Google+ (via desktop) hoping to displace the real information, but the change doesn’t show up on the mobile Google+ profile. Where is the profile getting the information from?

4. Mobile Buzz profile is using Google+ information, but mobile Google+ profile is not responding

On the other hand, the mobile Buzz profile is getting updated with my changes. As you can see on the Buzz screenshot, the pseudo address is showing up. I’ve also removed my secondary email (via the old Google Accounts). This change is reflected on mobile Buzz (the email fields show singular addresses with no drop down arrows) but the mobile Google+ profile is still showing my secondary email via the drop down arrows.

I understand that Google+ needs time to iron out the kinks, especially regarding cohesive integration with existing Google products. I hope this privacy problem gets ironed out soon. I’m loving Google+ too much to delete my account!


Science vs Mysticism?

I think

in many ways Science is a refined, artificial and human-defined form of mysticism. You can explain phenomenons using science, but it’ll be difficult to explain Science: Everything’s made up of atoms and all that stuff, but why do certain configurations of atoms form cells and give life?

Science was created by humans, by the need to understand the mystic. Science claims to “unveil” the mystic like a magician “exposing” another magician’s trick. When something is explained by science, we go, “oh so this is how it works” with an air of being tricked by the mystics, but we’re only putting store into science because it was written by our species to explain things in terms we can understand, like a translator from Mystic to Human. The translator is obviously not as advanced as the mystic yet; mysticism has existed before science was invented to explain it. By that bid, science has a lot of catching up to do. But people are so enamored by their species’ development of science that they forget that whatever science is doing or uncovering now was once a mystical phenomenon and has been there doing it before without our species’ involvement. And I think this exclusive worship of man-made science is close minded. I am a student of science, and I am open to both the unexplained and the explained.

By close minded I mean the need to understand something in your limited terms before acknowledging its universal existence; the refusal to accept anything as universally existing that you cannot explain in terms you can understand, and the inclination to shut your ears whenever people discuss the mystic around you so your brain does not have to get its knickers in a twist over something that it cannot comprehend.

It is one thing to personally disbelieve something, another to extend your denial of its existence outside your own system of being just because you are not equipped to explain what you are unable to understand. I do not believe in God, but I acknowledge that he exists outside my system of being, in the psyche of other people.

I have never – barring external stimulation – insisted my views on you, my mom has neither. We merely discuss them with each other, occasionally in your presence, and have never asked for your agreement or opinion. I am passive about my views until you attack first.

You say attempts to explain the mystic in more ways than one will help the cause, but you – unknowingly or not – have a need for that alternative way to be ‘your way’, which is impossible as one can only paraphrase in one’s own terms when one understands. I feel that paraphrasing in this context would be more aptly done by people governed by science who also believe in the particular phenomenon, and not by the mystics alone.

I do not see why my eventual state of mind has to resemble yours. I will restrain from discuss these issues with you (unless you attack first), and I will not give in to your coercions to mold my mind into yours.