The Story of Installous, Install0us; Puy0 and Hackulous.

First off, What is Installous/Install0us: Explained.


At the beginning, puy0 created Installous and released it under Hackulous. After version 2 was released, he went on to rename it as Install0us and released version 2.5. Eventually version 3.0 was made (also under the new Install0us name), although it never made it out of beta.

Puy0 had always wanted to make a legit app. Hiding behind a badass Big Brother (Hackulous) was not what puy0 wanted to do. He wanted the freedom to develop apps safely outside the shadows of the law with his head held high. One may argue that he would have been perfectly safe staying under Hackulous’ umbrella, but that just shows you do not understand. Puy0 didn’t want to be “safe” in terms of a good hiding place, he wanted to be out in the sun, to be clean, free, and safe. Staying behind Hackulous would only imply that what he was doing was unlawful and required backup from Hackulous. Accordingly, he moved out of Hackulous in October 09 and distributed Install0us 2.5 (and thereafter the 3.0 beta) independently.

All along he was confident that he was taking the legal route with 2.5 and 3.0 because neither of them are tied to any cracked-app sites, and neither of them actively provided download links or illegal content. But he had enough doubts to compel him to seek a proper lawyer. He eventually found a lawyer at the top of his field, specializing in Internet law and legislations. It turned out that he was not entirely in the clear, and if it were ever to go to court it would be difficult to defend his case. After a long thought, he decided to quit this shady life and put a stop to Install0us development.

Install0us 3, that came with app updates and plugins, is now dead. It no longer works. Install0us 2.5 is discontinued as of version 2.5.2.the.end. Development has ceased, but it still works. It will continue to work forever, at least until a very different iPhone OS comes out and incompatibility occurs.



When puy0 left, Hackulous didn’t feel good about it. The staff felt that they have done their part in supporting his app, keeping it updated in the Hackulous repo, and providing a platform for Installous discussion on their forum and helping people with Installous issues, etc etc. They felt that puy0’s exit from Hackulous was tantamount to a backstab. They, Dissident in particular, disagreed with the principle behind puy0 moving out of Hackulous on grounds of legality concerns.

Also, they wanted to retain an official installation app because Installous had been part of the ‘lous’ package for so long. So they retained Installous 2 (without puy0’s approval), and, since was started up, did not provide support for Install0us.


The relationship between Install0us and Hackulous became increasingly strained as time went on, due in part to words uttered by members of both parties, actions taken and reactions induced, and not to mention significant prejudice and refusal on both parts to see things in another light.

To end off, now that Install0us 3 is dead, the Hackulous dev team is making their own installation application, tentatively named Installr, which will have functions similar to those in Install0us 3. Installr will eventually replace Installous as Hackulous’ proper official installation app.