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How To Install?

Switchrd v3.4.6 was created as a terminal script by me, Secretss. A GUI and an SBToggle have been made by the awesome Helpmy360isEMO.

The point of Switchrd is to switch between patched and original installds. Legit apps should not be installed with the patched installd in place, as you will be locked out of in-app purchases. Cracked apps cannot be installed with the original installd in place, so you may still want the patched one around.

Switchrd can also download a patched installd and/or an original installd for you, just in case your installds get corrupted or deleted. For unpatched users, Switchrd will prompt for a patched installd download upon execution.

Usage: switchrd -o
       - put original installd in place
Usage: switchrd -p
       - put patched installd in place
Usage: switchrd -d
       - download installds
Usage: switchrd -u
       - update Switchrd
Usage: switchrd -h
       - display this text

– wget (for script updating)
– terminal
– root login
– script placed in /usr/bin
– script permissions set to 755

Thanks and credits:
rcg for his madcrack and maddown scripts and his go ahead for me to release Switchrd
Helpmy360isEMO for helping me with my bash questions
iBlaze for his suggestion of md5sum
ChingPow, applefour, ShapeShifter499, Lswpb, Diytto, artypig78, Jeroenz0r and ttwj for the contribution of installd files

Script Changelog

  • v3.4.6 (2nd July) – Added iPad OS 3.2 installd download support and optimized code
  • v3.4.5b (18th April) – Added prompt to install APT 0.7 Strict if missing
  • v3.4.5 – Improved “download as” options for downloading original installd and minor touch up
  • v3.4.4 (5th April) – Added extra options in -d for more flexibility
  • v3.4.3b (1st April) – Added a line to install wget in case it isn’t installed
  • v3.4.3 (31st March) – Fixed a bug: when local Switchrd is edited and switchrd -u subsequently executed, error occurs after successful download of remote Switchrd
  • v3.4.2 – Added two more functions, downloadfileo and downloadfilep
    Touched up code
  • v3.4.1 – Added check to rename installd.bak to install.backup upon startup to streamline the script
    Improved check for existing filenames prior to download. Script now prompts for options to:
    overwrite existing file
    download as another filename
    download to another directory
    Moved current-installd check into a function so it doesn’t show all the time
    Revised version numbers; they were increasing too fast
  • v3.3 – Moved downloads into a standalone option
    Split code into functions
    Added check for coexistence of installd.backup and installd.patched with a prompt to fix anomaly
    Added check for existing filenames prior to download; wget will not overwrite
    General touch up of code
  • v3.2 – Added download capability for patched installd
  • v3.1.1 (30th March) – Added check for update/non-update of script with confirmation on either status
  • v3.1 – Added check for script updates and download capability
    Updated credits
  • v3.0.2 – Removed instruction on rebooting (not required)
  • v3.0.1 (29th March) – Added instruction to reinstall legit apps to make in-app purchases
  • v3 – Added download capability for device-specific original installd files
  • v2.2 – Added check for non-existence of original installd file, with instruction to manually download from a web address
  • v2.1 – Added check for root login prior to script execution
  • v2 – Merged two scripts into one
  • v1 (28th March) – Wrote two separate scripts for switching installd to original and patched