How To Use iOS’ Native Zoom As A Screen Dimmer

This uses a triple click of your home button to dim your screen even lower than the lowest brightness setting. Useful for night time reading on non-jailbroken phones without f.lux or Eclipse or similar tweaks.

  1. → General → Accessibility → Zoom (2nd item)
    1. Zoom = ON
    2. Show Controller = ON
  2. Tap on controller button
    • Choose Filter = Low Light
    • Magnification slider = Extreme left
  3. Tap outside controller menu
    • Show Controller = OFF
    • Zoom Region = Full Screen Zoom
  4. Go back to Accessibility → Accessibility Shortcut (last item)
    1. Accessibility Shortcut = Zoom

Triple press home button to toggle. Other settings can be left alone. I have Follow Focus = OFF and Maximum Zoom Level = 8x.