How To SSH

You will need:

  • CyberDuck/WinSCP on a Mac/Windows (Google)
  • OpenSSH on your iDevice (Cydia)
  • SBSettings on your iDevice (Cydia)
  • MobileTerminal on your iDevice (Cydia)
  • A wifi network.

Important Precautionary Steps:

  • Launch Terminal on your iDevice and type:
  • Swipe your status bar for the SBSettings dashboard. Tap on “More” at the bottom left corner and go to “Set Toggles”. Enable SSH toggle visibility. Now you can switch SSH on or off on your SBSettings dashboard as and when you need it.


  1. Connect both your computer and iDevice to the same wifi network.
  2. Swipe for SBSettings dashboard on your iDevice.
  3. Turn on SSH on your iDevice.
  4. Look for your iDevice’s IP address at the bottom of the SBSettings dashboard.
  5. Launch CyberDuck/WinSCP on your computer.
  6. Enter your iDevice’s IP address you found previously.
  7. Username: root
  8. Password: yournewsecurepassword
  9. Port: 22
  10. Protocol: SFTP
  11. Click connect.
  12. Gain access to your iDevice’s filesystem.