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Download the Cyfix script deb file.
How to Install?

There is no Cyfix app at the moment. Interested in making one?

Cyfix v1.6.7 is a command-line script written by Secretss to be used in Terminal.

Cyfix fully removes repositories that were incorrectly entered, VIP restricted, corrupted, or gone. These repositories result in errors in Cydia and tend to either not show up in the Cydia app under Manage->Sources, or in some way prevent you from removing them. Cyfix will forcibly remove all traces of these repositories for you.

Cyfix does not work the same as the various repo-fixing tutorials available on the Internet. Cyfix does not “reset” or “fix” or “refresh” the selected repositories. Cyfix completely eradicates all traces of the selected repositories (which no tutorials seem to cover) so that your device is restored to the state before you added them. You can choose to add the repositories again after running Cyfix.

How to use:
Launch Terminal and log into root user. There are 5 variations of the cyfix command you can use: cyfix, cyfix -l, cyfix -d, cyfix -u, cyfix -h.

Usage: cyfix
       For example, cyfix
       Cyfix will start removing the repo
       right after you hit enter.

Usage: cyfix -l
       Cyfix will display a list of all repos currently installed:

Usage: cyfix -d
       Cyfix will display the same list as above and a prompt to
       enter the numbers corresponding to the repositories to remove.
       Separate the numbers by a space:
       1 2 3

Usage: cyfix -u
       Cyfix will attempt to update itself.

Usage: cyfix -h
       Cyfix will display the help text.


– APT 0.7 Strict (for automatic installation of necessary tools)
– Internet connection during first run of the script (for installation of tools)
– Terminal
– root login (type su in Terminal, hit enter, then type alpine)
– script placed in /usr/bin
– script permissions set to 755 (Read Write Execute; Read Execute; Read Execute)

Recent changes:
– Rewrote: entire code
– Added: repo listing function
– Added: repo selection for multi-repo removal
– Fixed: “file not found” error for first time users
– Added: tool check for gawk
– Added: tool check for gettext and grep
– Added: “No repositories found” line for when no sources are installed
– Fixed: repo listing not working correctly in cases of only one user added repo, no user added repos, and a different saurik.list file
– Improved: handling of saurik.list for when Cydia modifies it
– Fixed: multi-repo removal not working correctly if number of installed repos exceed 10
– Fixed: multi-repo removal not detecting certain repos
– Added: tool check for sed
– Added: automatic update upon run
– Rewrote: repo listing method
– Improved: url processing function


– Please DO NOT remove the repository.
– GUI developer Helpmy360isEMO has quit and existing apps may not work.
– To contact the author, look for @Secretss_ on Twitter.