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How To Install?

ArtGrab v1.0.4 was created as a terminal script by me, Secretss.

ArtGrab was written at a suggestion given to me by a Twitter user, @Bunniesandsheep. It grabs the iTunesArtwork from AppStore apps and also first-party apps (Safari, Notes, etc) and Cydia apps. The purpose is for icon theming.

The images are saved with the apps’ bundle identifiers as filenames (e.g.: com.secretss.artgrab.png). The rational for using identifiers as filenames is that you can’t go wrong with identifiers. Some apps have identical .app folder names, like Tap Tap Revenge 2 and Tap Tap Revenge 3; naming them by anything other than their distinct identifiers will result in identical icons for multiple apps. Also, some app icons do not get overwritten by the image name that you would expect, but identifiers will always work.

Usage: artgrab
Usage: artgrab -u
       - update ArtGrab
Usage: artgrab -h
       - display this text

– erica utilities (for script execution)
– wget (for script updating)
– terminal
– root login
– script placed in /usr/bin
– script permissions set to 755

Script Changelog:
– edited very minor details to keep in consistency with my other scripts
– optimized code
– edited error in coding that didn’t grab all icons