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How To Install?

AppStats v1.7 was created as a terminal script by me, Secretss.

AppStats gives you the following information about your apps:
Item name (as shown in iTunes AppStore)
Short name (the .app folder name)
Encryption status (Encrypted vs Decrypted)
App directory (1234ABCD-1234-ABCD-1234-ABCD1234ABCD)
AppleID (
Purchase Date (YYYY-MM-DD)
App Version

AppStats can also list all your apps by their appleID and encryption status. This is for people who have more than one account authorised on their devices. Cracked apps will be listed under “Cracked” instead of their fake appleID (if present).

Usage: appstats -s
       - to list stats for all apps
Usage: appstats -l
       - to list all apps by appleID
Usage: appstats "app name"
       - to find the given app's appleID
Usage: appstats -c
       - to list only unencrypted apps
Usage: appstats -e
       - to list oly encrypted apps
Usage: appstats -u
       - to update AppStats
Usage: appstats -h
       - to display this text

– erica utilities (for script execution)
– wget (for script updating)
– terminal; root login
– script placed in /usr/bin
– script permissions set to 755

Script Changelog:
– added check for uncommon plists
– added check for app names not being the same as their .app folder names
– optimized code
– added listing by appleID and checking for encryption
– rewrote script and added listing statistics function
– added output files and option to display on screen
– added options to list only unencrypted apps, and only encrypted apps