Dropbox Guide

Here’s how to reach 51.88GB* of storage space on a Basic Dropbox account:

*Some methods may expire or get discounted or disabled since the time of this post.

Last updated on 5th April 2012.

  1. http://dropbox.com/gs
    • Complete some tasks.
    • +250mb
  2. http://dropbox.com/free
    • Complete all tasks.
    • +640mb
  3. http://forums.dropbox.com/forum.php?id=1
    • You need a smart phone or tablet and 5GB of photos/videos on the devices.
    • Go to the forum above and find the latest Experimental Forum Build thread. Download and install the beta desktop client linked in the thread.
    • Open Auto Play settings on your Windows PC (use the Start Menu search bar or search from the Control Panel). Set your mobile devices to import with Dropbox.
    • Plug in your device; Dropbox should start importing your photos and videos into your local Dropbox Camera Uploads folder while simultaneously uploading them to your Dropbox cloud.
    • For every 500mb you import and upload from your devices you get additional storage space, up to a limit.
    • +5GB +3GB (it got discounted)
  4. http://dropbox.com/edu 3rd April 2012: This bonus applies for everyone now.
    • You need an .edu email address.
    • Confirm your .edu address and get double the referral bonus for both future and earlier referrals.
  5. Be your own referrals
    • The maximum number of referrals is 32. Let’s say you need X more referrals to hit that maximum.
    • Register at Trashmail.net and create X temporary mail accounts good for 1 forward each. Forward them to your own email account.
    • Send referrals to the X mail accounts.
    • Log out of your Dropbox account and sign those X mail accounts up to Dropbox.
    • Now you need to find X computers (excluding your own and any machine you’ve ever logged in on) to install the Dropbox desktop client on. Suggestions:
      • School computer lab with at least X computers
      • X virtual machines
    • For the virtual machine uninitiated: Download VirtualBox. Download a free OS like Ubuntu (700mb .iso file).
    • Create a virtual machine with 1GB fixed space, launch it, point it to the .iso and run the OS (do not install the OS).
    • Using the Ubuntu Software Center on the sidebar, search for Dropbox and click on “Use this source”. After it has downloaded, install the Dropbox desktop client. Log in with one of your new mail accounts and notice the Dropbox notification popping up on your host computer saying you’ve just been awarded more storage space.
    • Delete the virtual machine and create another one. You can reuse the .iso file, but you cannot reuse the same virtual machine. Repeat for X virtual machines.
    • +16GB
  6. Install another modified Dropbox.apk(good for 24 months) 2nd April 2012: Dropbox has disabled this method and is taking back the space.
    • Follow the directions below.
    • +23GB (good for 24 months)
  7. Install a modified Dropbox.apk(good for 12 months)
    • You need an android device.
    • If you don’t have one, use the Android emulator. A virtual machine will not work.
      • Download the Android SDK zip (not .exe).
      • Unzip it and run android.bat inside the Tools folder. You need Java for this.
      • Let it work. When it’s done, the latest Android version should be checked along with everything inside its folder. Click on Install packages. Exit when done.
      • Run AVD Manager.exe in the parent unzipped folder. Click new and create a 500mb virtual device with your installed Android version as the target.
      • Start your created virtual device.
    • Uninstall the original dropbox app if you have it installed.
    • Download and install the apk linked above.
      • Download directly from Browser or mail it to yourself as an attachment and access it from the Mail app. Android will detect the extension and ask to install.
    • +3GB (good for 12 months)
  8. Redeem a Dropbox code 15-18 March 2012: Disabled.
    • Click the link above for a guide to create your own Dropbox code.
    • Go to this page and redeem your code.
    • Each code is good for one use. Each account is good for one such code. Codes from other promotions may still work on the same account.
    • +2GB