About Me

Secretss used to be my online identity, particularly in the iOS scene where I contributed mostly as part of Hackulous, Installous, C4iD, and their respective IRC channels (both defunct as of 2013 and 2010). This blog used to be for /that/ geeky online persona.

However, over time I have drifted away from the scene and have started using the Secretss alias for nearly everything. This blog is now becoming highly personal. I once endeavored to keep my real identity a secret, but now I’m like what-the-heck.

In real life I’m an awkward, anti-social (and occasionally rude) geek with generally inaccessible tastes, interests, and hobbies. My topics of interest include, but are not limited to, internet, technology, iOS, jailbreak, and geekery. I don’t particularly subscribe to mainstream entertainment genres (like comedy) so don’t expect me to interest you (or be able to hold a conversation).

I’m a girl, mostly a sweetheart and highly inappropriate.
My about.me page.

My original bio:
A psycho baby doll. I will kill you with love. After I rape you. Anally. With a spiky horse dick. And with love. Always with love.

Always with love,