Ultrabook specs

So many new ultrabooks, so little time to read about them.


This is just a list of things I want to consider about potential ultrabooks (sometimes I forget to look out for them). Comments in brackets are those of my current ultrabook.

  • Processor, which generation intel (intel sandy bridge 2nd gen, core i5)
  • Operating system (windows 7)
  • Graphics card, dedicated/integrated (integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000)
  • Storage, SSD or HDD (128 SSD, no HDD)
  • RAM (4GB DDR3)
  • Thickness (0.71 inches, 18mm)
  • Weight (2.99lbs, 1.36kg)
  • Screen size (13.3 inches)
  • Display resolution, type (1366 x 768, glossy, LCD)
  • Screen brightness (300 nits)
  • Keyboard layout, separated arrow keys (good, arrow keys in their own island)
  • Keyboard menu key, media keys (no menu key, yes media/hot keys)
  • Keyboard travel (good)
  • Keyboard backlit or not (backlit)
  • Touchpad, buttons (abysmal trackpad, unresponsive, no physical buttons)
  • Ports (1 USB 2.0, 1 USB 3.0, 1 mini displayport, 1 headphone+mic jack)
  • Fan slits, noise (hidden at bottom, quiet to none)
  • Material flex (minimal to none)
  • Battery life (< 3 hours now)
  • Boot up time (~30 seconds now)
  • Touchscreen (no)
  • Bluetooth (bluetooth 3.0 + hs)
  • Wifi (802.11 b/g/n)

Side note: I HATE my current ultrabook.

ultrabook comparison