I feel breathless and out of time

I’ve pretty much disappeared from this blog for the longest time (the little bits of posts now and then really don’t count as blogging when I look back on my earlier looooong recounts of my days).

Anyway, I doubt I’ll return to blogging, but this is just an update about what I’ve been up to. I’ve basically stopped messing around with iOS and I haven’t been very geeky lately (I think my last geek out was making a circuit board necklace months ago), though I still hang out (virtually) with the people in the scene. I recently picked up dancing, hip hop to be exact, and I kind of suck at it, but I love it. I also have a huge crush on one of my dance instructors. Why is he so awesome?

I’m going to Sydney, Australia, on the **** of *** but please don’t bomb my plane. Many chapters of my life here will end; volume 1 is almost over and even though volume 2 is beginning and looks promising, right now heartbreak is the dominating emotion. I form attachments too easily.

I’ll be studying in Sydney for about 2 years and will probably find work there after graduation. Short term plan, I’ll be there for 5 years. My brother is also going over; he’s a lot older and will be settling there for good. I still want to come back here to build my future, but my mom would like to move to Australia eventually, too. It is likely that I may not have family here to return to, so I may have to “start anew”, in a sense. Mm.

Uh.. I’m stuck for words so goodbye for now.