Do not eat the tampon, you sick bitch.

I recently changed my apple IDs (again) and now I’m in a bit of a jam. My SG store apple ID is working fine, but my US store apple ID is weirding out. My season pass reminders and iTunes store receipts are still being sent to my old apple ID, which means my old email address is still in their system and still in use, even though the new email address is shown (as it should) when I log into my account on iTunes and on the web.

This, I think, is a security flaw albeit a minor one. What if I no longer have access to my old inbox? Maybe the reason I changed my apple ID was that my old email account had been compromised. Those receipts (among other stuff) are being sent there and someone else could be reading them, and they will (supposedly) know where I live because the billing address (I used a fake US one) is shown. They will also know my shopping habits as well as any new apple ID I decide to change to.

Given that I still have access to the old inbox, it’s not a big deal, but it is annoying because I really want to quit using the old email address (the username is defiantbrat, for god’s sake) and Apple is about the only entity still delivering emails there. It might not matter as much if the same emails were also being sent to the correct apple ID, but they aren’t, except the account information change notification email when I changed the apple ID again to a new new apple ID. And I think that just made things worse because now I’m getting emails delivered to the old apple ID, the new apple ID, and the new new apple ID.

What the fagging flipping fuck.

But that’s not the worse of it. I went to their support page and opened a ticket and was informed that I needed to close my account as a means to resolve this issue. Okkaayyy. I was asked to either make a call or leave my number for the Apple Security Team to contact me. The fact that I’m not actually in the United States nor own a United States number makes this terribly, terribly, inconvenient and difficult. I opted to call them since my local number is “invalid” and spent 14 internationally-charged minutes explaining my issue to two people and a machine, and in the end was directed back to the support page and asked to either make a call or leave my number for the Apple Security Team to contact me.

Thanks a flipping bunch.

The odd thing is, I’ve changed the apple ID for my SG account twice and both instances yielded no such issues.