Typically inaccessible

Seems like I have very boring, solitary interests/hobbies.

I love doing jigsaw puzzles and word searches. I like spending time with my computer/devices, which while gives me access to people to socialise with, is a socially limiting past-time.

I love watching speed art, digital or otherwise, but it’s awkward to get someone to watch and appreciate a good speed art video together. I like these webcomics, but they’re not the funny or cute kind.

I love watching videos that make you feel awe. I like reading things that often spark something in me that’s not typically humour. I find this interesting, do you?

I generally don’t subscribe to mainstream entertainment genres like comedy or cute, so I don’t often have anything crowd-pleasing to share. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not a grouch or a hipster wannabe. I do engage positively in those genres when shared with me, and I welcome them. But I’m hardly ever the person who discovers them and passes them on. I just don’t find such material easily. How do these people do it? Maybe I’m just not a happy/funny person so I don’t naturally tend towards funny material.

Then I wonder, why be concerned about pandering to the common masses with easy humour and cheap cuteness when I can be content sharing things that takes a bit more depth to appreciate? But that sounds elitist.

And sometimes, I just want to be interesting and cheerful so people I want to hang out with want to hang out with me.

Sometimes I just want to join in.