Warning: Emo song lyrics.

听见 (演唱:方雅贤)



Heard (Performed by: Fang Ya Xian)

Your cold eyes, capable of sending me to the edge of a cliff
Even as our distance closes, we still don’t share a destination
A world without you is like winter without spring for comfort
Without you, my four seasons are reduced to winter all year
Sorrow and joy, the memories of our past replay persistently
When the world quietens, what’s left?
My longing and your emptiness, boundless

Have you heard, the sound of loneliness as it creeps along
Sneaking in between us, extinguishing our future together
Have you heard, the call of my yearning spreading to every street
No matter how far you go, turn around, I’ll still be by your side

Repeat Chorus

This song is from a Taiwanese idol drama that aired from Sep 2005 to Feb 2006, called “恶作剧之吻 It Started With A Kiss”. A translation of the chinese title is “prank (恶作剧) in a kiss (吻)”. The series is based on the manga “Itazura na Kiss” by Tada Kaoru, who passed away before she could complete the manga.

It’s a heartbreaking romance story. Goodness knows how many times I’ve cried watching and rewatching it. This is the only show for which I’ve bought and read the manga it was based on.