Science vs Mysticism?

I think

in many ways Science is a refined, artificial and human-defined form of mysticism. You can explain phenomenons using science, but it’ll be difficult to explain Science: Everything’s made up of atoms and all that stuff, but why do certain configurations of atoms form cells and give life?

Science was created by humans, by the need to understand the mystic. Science claims to “unveil” the mystic like a magician “exposing” another magician’s trick. When something is explained by science, we go, “oh so this is how it works” with an air of being tricked by the mystics, but we’re only putting store into science because it was written by our species to explain things in terms we can understand, like a translator from Mystic to Human. The translator is obviously not as advanced as the mystic yet; mysticism has existed before science was invented to explain it. By that bid, science has a lot of catching up to do. But people are so enamored by their species’ development of science that they forget that whatever science is doing or uncovering now was once a mystical phenomenon and has been there doing it before without our species’ involvement. And I think this exclusive worship of man-made science is close minded. I am a student of science, and I am open to both the unexplained and the explained.

By close minded I mean the need to understand something in your limited terms before acknowledging its universal existence; the refusal to accept anything as universally existing that you cannot explain in terms you can understand, and the inclination to shut your ears whenever people discuss the mystic around you so your brain does not have to get its knickers in a twist over something that it cannot comprehend.

It is one thing to personally disbelieve something, another to extend your denial of its existence outside your own system of being just because you are not equipped to explain what you are unable to understand. I do not believe in God, but I acknowledge that he exists outside my system of being, in the psyche of other people.

I have never – barring external stimulation – insisted my views on you, my mom has neither. We merely discuss them with each other, occasionally in your presence, and have never asked for your agreement or opinion. I am passive about my views until you attack first.

You say attempts to explain the mystic in more ways than one will help the cause, but you – unknowingly or not – have a need for that alternative way to be ‘your way’, which is impossible as one can only paraphrase in one’s own terms when one understands. I feel that paraphrasing in this context would be more aptly done by people governed by science who also believe in the particular phenomenon, and not by the mystics alone.

I do not see why my eventual state of mind has to resemble yours. I will restrain from discuss these issues with you (unless you attack first), and I will not give in to your coercions to mold my mind into yours.