Ramblings of the day

I visited Phyto Hair Spa today at Wheelock Place, #05-08. The place is incredibly high end, or perhaps that’s due to my limited exposure to such places. The last time I went to Wheelock Place, I barely made it past the Apple Epicentre on the second floor. This time I went up to the third, fourth, and fifth floor (using the escalator, not lift) and suddenly the stores disappeared, replaced by just one or two outlets per floor from where I could see from the escalators. There was a little pathway between the outlets, and it turns out that led to more outlets, but again, very sparsely littered throughout the floors. There were an eye clinic, a LASIK centre, a manicure saloon, some health or beauty clinics, and others that I didn’t notice.

According to the awards on the wall of Phyto, they’re quite the wizards at hair treatment and care. They also use plant based products for “wholesome formulas to restore scalp and hair back to its most beautiful and healthiest condition”. The membership fee (one-time only) is $700! But when you consider the prices of their therapies and treatments and other services, the location and overall feel of the place, $700 is not too far off the mark.

After a scalp scan, they put me in a room with about 4 other people, comfortably spaced out on puffy armchairs, facing away from one another. Each of us had a TV connected to a DVD player. There was also a complimentary drink. Someone started rubbing some healing ointment onto my scalp. Then my hair was wrapped up and put in a bag that was connected to a tube and a machine, which blew smoky, scented, cold air into the bag. After about 30 minutes, I was given a thorough massage of the head, neck, shoulder, and back. I was then led outside for a hair wash and finally a haircut.

The hair treatment was a “Detoxifying Hair Therapy with Wash and Blow and Styling” package worth $128, and the haircut was $55. I bought the therapy package via Groupon though, so I only paid $38 for that. I also got suckered into buying one of their shampoos at $28, and the parking fee was $8.57 for 2 and a half hours, so for a day of supposed money saving (I saved $90 from the Groupon deal), I ended up paying more than I saved.

Unfortunately, I was late for class at school, and in the end due to lack of seats, I skipped the lecture. Thank goodness today’s class isn’t the tough one I have on Mondays and Thursdays. I also received a piece of good news when I woke up this morning. All in all, I think this day has been great :D.