My Google Music experience

Right now all my music are up on Google Music, properly tagged and in their proper albums. Song count, album count, artist count and genre count all tally with my local library. And I found out some three days ago that the web app works on iPad Safari! Sweet! 😀

Being beta, the process of getting to this point wasn’t all that smooth. It took me almost two weeks to get all 4327 songs up. First, the Music Manager wouldn’t detect all the songs: I have 4327 .mp3 files in my folders, but the manager detected 4324 files (including those that failed to upload). After it got done adding these 4324 files to Google Music, I checked the web app and at the right corner where it states the number of songs uploaded, it read 4309 songs. 18 files failed to upload and I didn’t know which ones they were nor why.

I removed a couple of folders from the manager, clicked Apply, added them back, and tried again. This time, 4237 files were detected. However, after a whole night the number of files added still remained at 4324 and the number on the web app was still stuck at 4309.

I went on the web app and scrolled through every album to find the missing tracks (by comparing number of tracks in album with the respective value on iTunes). I found out that some songs were mistakenly placed on their own as separate albums. I deleted these erroneous files and noted them down with the rest of the missing files. As I went through the cloud library, I copied the corresponding files from my local library into a New Folder. I eventually had 42 files in this New Folder.

I converted these files again to .mp3 with a bitrate of 192kbps just in case, and verified their tags with Mp3tag. Then I removed all folders from the Music Manager and added just New Folder (with the newly converted files) to scan. 42 files were detected and added. I then pasted the newly converted files back in my actual folders where they belonged, replacing the old copies. Finally, I removed New Folder from the Music Manager, added all my original folders, and clicked Apply. This time, 4327 files were detected, 4327 files were added, and when I checked the web app, 4327 songs were uploaded.

I still have 4 2 Google Music invitations. Let me know if I should send one your way :). It’s thanks to @undeadrevo that I got mine!