Drawn on Bamboo Paper for iPad using my finger.

The Bamboo Stylus is unfortunately out of stock almost everywhere, though it seems like you can still get it from the EU online store (it says ready for shipment). I’m eBaying it, and you can also get it from Amazon [1][2].

I’m also getting the Dagi, mostly because it looks like this:

The red dot in the middle of the transparent disc is where the contact point is registered on the iPad. Theoretically, it makes for high precision. Reviews wise I have read a couple commenting that it takes a while to get used to holding the Dagi at the optimal angle, and that sometimes you end up with a smattering of dots because it’s not that easy to get the disc flush against the screen.

I’m also tempted by the Alupen. It doesn’t look as nice as the Bamboo, but I’ve read some good reviews about it. Its thick body offers a good grip and feels like a whiteboard marker and execution is smooth. Down side is that it doesn’t look like it’s a stylus I would carry around with me.