Big Google+ kink to iron out…

Our information is scattered all over the Google ecosystem.

1. Multiple profiles

Subsection A: Avatars
Before I did something about it, I had three different profile avatars on Google: one on the mobile Buzz profile page, one on the mobile Google+ profile page, and one on the old Google Accounts page.

Subsection B: Mobile profile pages
I found two ways to get to my mobile profile, and then it turns out they were /two/ different profiles because they carried different information and tapped from different information sources.

I get to mobile Google+ profile by going to on my device and then going to Profile -> About. I get to the mobile Buzz profile by going to (or by using the shorturl) on my device.

2. Getting information down from the profiles

The big problem is that somehow there is information on the mobile Google+ profile page that I never put up. My phone number and address are up there and there is no way to get it down. All “edit profile” links are now directed to Google+ and Google+’s profile editing page does not have these information.

3. Information source for mobile Google+ profile

I don’t remember providing my address. At first I thought it was my gmail contact (I had myself as a contact) but I’ve deleted the contact and the sensitive info is still there. I’ve added pseudo information to my Google+ (via desktop) hoping to displace the real information, but the change doesn’t show up on the mobile Google+ profile. Where is the profile getting the information from?

4. Mobile Buzz profile is using Google+ information, but mobile Google+ profile is not responding

On the other hand, the mobile Buzz profile is getting updated with my changes. As you can see on the Buzz screenshot, the pseudo address is showing up. I’ve also removed my secondary email (via the old Google Accounts). This change is reflected on mobile Buzz (the email fields show singular addresses with no drop down arrows) but the mobile Google+ profile is still showing my secondary email via the drop down arrows.

I understand that Google+ needs time to iron out the kinks, especially regarding cohesive integration with existing Google products. I hope this privacy problem gets ironed out soon. I’m loving Google+ too much to delete my account!