Yes, #Secretss was borked

So on top of being a complete failure, my IRC channel #Secretss on the Rizon server got all effed up a few days ago. Here’s the timeline:

  • Someone got on my nerves, and I was wondering how to permanently ban him from the channel.
  • Someone else mentioned AKICK, so I busied myself with adding that annoying user to the AKICK list.
  • I was pretty much unaware of what else was going on in the channel while I looked up the AKICK syntax.
  • Apparently someone else was mad at “someone else”.
  • That “someone else” got kicked.
  • I’d just completed adding a complete nick + username + vhost AKICK on my victim, and I let out a YES in victory, and pasted the Chanserv message that said  I’d successfully blocked one user entirely.
  • Apparently people thought I was responding to “someone else” being kicked.
  • I looked up, saw the kick, and was like.. wtf?.
  • “Someone else” tried to rejoin but was automatically kicked.
  • I checked the normal ban list. I checked the AKICK list. He wasn’t on either.
  • WTF?
  • Hexane PMed me asking why I was taking my anger out on “someone else”, but I wasn’t. He asked for op to try and fix the problem.
  • Turns out the ban was all the way up at chanserv’s side. Nothing we could do except…
  • I decided to drop the channel. This would reset bans and shit.
  • I also wanted proper capitalization. To do that, the channel had to be emptied, closed, and opened again with the new capitalization. So I apologized in advance and kickbanned everybody.
  • Jeremy’s auto-rejoin-after-kick was highly effective. He got right back in. He got the channel op. He was on vacation. #secretss was stuck ownerless.
  • Jeremy came back from vacation, gave me op, helped me kickban everybody else, and left the room, and I managed to create and register #Secretss before artypig78’s auto-rejoin-after-kick function kicked in.

And tada! If you have an mIRC client, type irc:// in your web browser and your client will activate. Or go on a web client like and connect to the Rizon server, channel #Secretss.