Swissôtel The Stamford

I had an epic awesomesauce day yesterday with the boyfriend and his family at the hotel. And I have pictures! 😀 All taken with my iPhone, by the way. These are thumbnails, so click on them to view as actual size.

This is one of the cushions they have in the car. We bluetooth’ed the photo from the bf’s handphone over to my iPhone. His sis didn’t think it was possible xD But her iPhone isn’t jailbroken. It’s adorable isn’t it? The cushion design I mean.

A parade rehearsal was going on outside. This is the view from the hotel room window (23rd floor). I asked around and it turns out this is the first rehearsal for the local National Day Parade! (First rehearsal sounds about right. The synchronization of the marching was way off.)

I took a couple of panoramic shots while I was out at the balcony. Turned out pretty ok, huh? Taken with the Pano app from the App Store. Oh, and I got locked out at the balcony by my bf. Humpft. They even drew the curtains! It’s really soundproof out at the balcony, by the way. I couldn’t hear the guffawing going on inside the room.

And back to the parade. Getting warmed up now with more people. They’re dressed in colors too! The zoomed photos were taken with 7.0 Megapixel Camera +Zoom. I’m not a good photographer at all.

The desk. Pretty classy. And a couple of wine bottles there. That’s a light at the top of the second photo, shining down at the memo pad. Pretty nifty, in my opinion. And there’s the lamp. Pretty ugly, in my opinion.

The drink stand; it opens up at the bottom. Look at that price list! *faints* And I’ll have you know that the Oreo listed at the bottom of that list is the mini pack of 3 cookies. Prices are in the local currency, which is about $1.40 to US$1.00.

Um, so.. the toilet. Yes. Uh..

Time to head out for food! This was about 2pm I think.

And this is the room number!

The lift. There are two lift shafts in the hotel. This one handles floors 1 to 38. There are 38 fucking floors! Oh my god. And yes, that’s my skirt in the mirror.

My bf’s lunch. Chicken and rice. I think. And an egg. The egg is the wiggly whitish substance in the middle of the dish. Honestly, it was wiggling.

This is mine. Bacon and cheese omelette. I hate those fish flakes. Like shed cockroach skin.

(Some of the) other food the family ordered.

After food, we went shopping around the place.

Not sure if you can tell from the photos, but the plane and the colored cubes appear to be floating in mid air inside the boxes. It’s actually a mirror trick, but still pretty to look at.

I loved it. I bought it. I lost it. *sigh* There was a price tag at the back that said “$7.80” and I was going to buy it anyway. I have this thing for skull heads, you know? Couldn’t resist. Turns out it was $2.50.

There was also a pack of stickers shaped like diamond rings. I pointed it out to the bf and said, quite matter-of-factly:

Me: When are you getting me one?

Then I turned around and walked away before he could reply.

The world’s thinnest pencil, followed by the world’s smallest (shortest) pencil. The diameter of the first type of pencil was probably around 3mm. And that huge hand in the fourth photo is my bf’s. He willingly allowed his hand to be modeled for me to get a size comparison with the pencil. <3. The darling boy.
That’s a really weird rabbit plush toy. Not too nice to squeeze; it’s pretty stiff. Too small to hug, too.

Lots of meat. This is at the Supermarket near/underneath (?) the hotel. Whups, I have no spatial recognition.

Look at the size of that balloon!

Shiiiinyyy. They are crystal beads dangling from a pillar. Swarovski crystals. It’s a lot more shiny and dazzling than the photo shows. The shop person came over and told me no photography, but I’d already taken this picture. Boo-beep.

We got bored with walking around, so we went back to the hotel room to be bored there. They brought a laptop and a copy of Avatar, which both my bf and me hadn’t watched yet. So we sat down at a corner of the room to watch Avatar. Mmm. In a hotel room watching an passed movie. Go figure.

Now I don’t want to ruffle any feathers, but I was bored. I looked at the seeking bar and it was only about one third of the way through. I confessed to my bf and he took me out to walk about the hotel instead. It was really a lot more fun!

We took the lift down to level 8 which the in-lift directory stated housed the “Alligator Pear, Swimming Pool, Tennis Courts, and Willow Stream Spa”.

Me: Ooh look, they have an alligator.. oh pooh I thought it said alligator pool or something.
Bf: *laughs*
Bf’s sis: *laughs*
Fellow hotel guest whom we don’t know sharing the lift: *snicker*

Here goes more photos!

More rehearsing. You can see the canons on the left side of the field. And red and white specks along the far-away road. Those are the marching people.

The swimming pool is kind of unimpressive.

There’s a cozy alcove somewhere in the wellness building off of the swimming pool area. With a drawing door/thingy/whatchamacallit. You can slide the door close if you want privacy in there. Except for the, uh.. you know, glass window and all.

Men’s spa, ladies’ spa. There are no separate changing rooms for the men. I went down to the ladies’ section and there were many changing rooms, away from the actual spa room. I opened one of the doors thinking they’ll be locked or something but whoa. It wasn’t, and there were people in there. I went into the spa room and it was pretty nice. I couldn’t take a proper photo because any closer I got I would have snapped other people in the shot, and I didn’t want any trouble, since, you know, the ladies were probably undressed and stuff. I tagged along with my bf to the men’s spa and sneaked a little peek when he opened the door. Got a backview of a fat topless man before the bf shut the door.

They have complimentary drinks in the wellness building. Hot herbal tea and cold herbal tea. One of the cold jugs had lemon slices in it 😀 I love lemon flavored water. Filled my water bottle up with it. Probably shouldn’t have though, it didn’t feel right.

Pretty thing. That’s a real candle flame in there, and some special liquid at the top. Fumes were coming out of it.

Me: Hey, there’s smoke coming out!
Me: *touches*
Me: Ow, it’s hot!
Bf: … Who just said there was smoke coming out of it?

We were now on the 6th floor, according to a signboard. What? I thought we were on the 8th floor? Must have missed a memo or two in our adventure.

The gym. Meh.

We reached the tennis courts.

See those specks in the sky? Those are people! Skydiving people! Look!

Now look at the moon!

Anddd, we’re back to the skydiving people! This one is carrying the local flag. Must be part of the National Day performance.

Another attempt at a panoramic photo. This one sucked. But look at the sky!

This is still at the tennis courts, by the way. We found a couple of abandoned tennis balls. One was all muddy at the BBQ area nearby, and one was on the court. Lying there. Forlornly. In the middle of a big court. I felt bad for it so I asked if we could adopt it and bring it home.

Then my bf kicked it.

We played worldcup with the poor tennis ball for a while, all the way to the courts exit. Pass the gym, the spa, the swimming pool…

And into the lift. Remember how we started off at level 8, then we turned up on level 6? Now this lift is the other one that serves levels 38 to 70. How did we get here? I have no idea. We got off at level 38. The tennis ball tagged along.

We switched lifts to get to level 4.

I don’t have any more pictures from here on except for one more, so I hope you can make do with my long-winded monologue.

We walked around the function rooms, a couple of them were occupied, and my bf almost crashed one without knocking. I found a dilapidated room, where boards and tables were missing and chairs were pushed to one side, and tried to pull my bf in to sneak a couple of kisses.

Bf: How do you know there’re no cameras in here?
Me: I… don’t.
Me: *sigh* Let’s go.

I did get a kiss though.

As we were walking out of the function room corridor, I spotted a tray with a neat array of forks tucked into that fork sock thing that’s folded out of a napkin into a pocket shape and has cutlery stuffed into the pocket to make things look all nice and pretty and formal. As we walked by I took a fork from the tray. It made a tinging sound.

Bf: What did you take?
Me: What? What makes you say that?
Bf: I heard the sound. What did you take?
Me: Maybe I didn’t take anything. Maybe I only touched it and it made a noise.
Bf: Uh huh. Show me your left hand.
Me: *lifts up left hand*
Me: Whoa, how did that get there?

We left the tennis ball there and walked over to a grand piano. It was locked. Figures. And the boy refused to help me lift up the top flippy flap thing for me to stuff the fork inside through the crack. There was no piano seat either. So I left the fork on the pedals. I’d love to see the look on the face of the person who finds it there.

There was a toy exhibition going on. And there was a dart gun booth. We walked on a bit more, and decided to head back. We met a girl dressed as a devil, and then we saw another girl as a princess. I stopped and asked her what event was going on and she told me it was a Dinner & Dance in the theme of Saints and Sinners. She looked in a hurry though, didn’t stop while talking. I told her she looked very pretty, she said thanks and disappeared around the corner towards the function rooms.

We retrieved the tennis ball.

Went back to the hotel room to drop off the ball before continuing our exploration outside the hotel. We slotted the door key in, he pressed the door bell, I opened the door and he kicked the ball gently into the room. The ball rolled gracefully in a perfect straight line into the room and then we hurriedly shut the door and ran off.

We went to the shopping center next to the hotel, City Link Mall, I think it was called. I had a Mont Blanc parfait from Marvelous Cream and it. was. heaven. The boy didn’t like it much though. He has bad taste in food.

But a pretty awesome taste in women. That about evens it out.

I’m getting a bit tired with the blogging, so I’m going to cut it short. Here’s the last photo I have, it’s of a clock hanging off a wall outside a watch shop at Raffles City, I think, I really have no idea where I was and what whatever place was called.